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Resolve To Use Mocktails As More Than Dry January Alternatives In 2024

Prefer guests to stay sober without your big event feeling like prohibition? Mocktails let you create moments without it turning into mayhem

It’s the new age roaring 20s and Mocktails are having a moment.

The global non-alcoholic beverages market value is projected to reach $1.2 Trillion by 2027 according to Fortune Business Insights. Our expert bartenders and beverage industry insiders agree this trend is here to stay. That’s why we’ve put together this article to help you understand the advantages of what we call sensible socializing.

What Is Sensible Socializing:

Simply put, “sensible socializing” is the practice of engaging in social activities, events, or gatherings in a thoughtful and responsible manner. It’s something everyone should aspire to achieve with their events whether serving alcohol or not. Offering mocktails at your event encourages people to be part of the party by creating a responsible and inclusive atmosphere. Guests appreciate the option of enjoying a refreshing drink without worrying about Ubers or hangovers. It lets them savor the moment without the concern it ends in mayhem (like far too many events do when guests overindulge on the hosts’ generosity).

Additionally, the versatility of mocktails caters to various preferences, tastes, budgets and allergies making it easy to please every palate while maintaining a spirited, albeit alcohol-free ambiance. Best of all, just like with our full bar service menu, when you opt for a mocktail package, our expert bartenders and sales coordinators can still help you build a unique drink menu that’s everything you’ve been dreaming of.

Mary Catherine & Kyle enjoyed a sensible social wedding opting for non-alcoholic drink options for their guest. Their mocktail bar was not only stunning but also featured unique and delicious handcrafted mocktails such as a Strawberry Rhubarb Lemonade and Mango Ginger Mule.

Photographer: Franzi Annika Photography

A Cost-Effective Solution:

Planning an event comes with a seemingly never ending list of expenses. You can cut down on costs while still providing instagram-worthy hand-crafted drinks if you go with a mocktail package. Best of all, the cost-savings here could put a previously out of budget food fantasy back on the menu

Beyond the bar, the cost-efficiency of mocktails extends to the entire event. With a well-thought-out selection of non-alcoholic alternatives, you minimize the risk of overconsumption, reducing potential liabilities and ensuring a smoother, incident-free occasion. That’s why in 2024 we’ve seen more contracts from budget-conscious event planners, corporate credit card watch dogs and fiscally conservative hosts opting for mocktails.

Dry Can Still Be Fly:

There’s a misconception amongst many party attendees that a party without alcohol is just a meeting. As we mentioned above, Mocktails don’t have to be boring. Gone are the days when non-alcoholic beverages were limited to uninspiring choices. Embrace the trend of crafting mocktails that are as exciting as their alcoholic counterparts. From vibrant fruity concoctions to herb-infused wonders, we love to use seasonally available ingredients to craft fresh drinks all year round. The world of mocktails has expanded to cater to diverse tastes as easily as their alcoholic counterparts.

Zero Proof Paloma Mocktail
Zero Proof Paloma | Ritual Zero Proof Tequila, Grapefruit Juice, Club Soda, Lime Juice with a Grapefruit garnish

There’s even subsets of the non-alcoholic beverage market focused entirely on creating mixers that allow you to have cocktails without compromise. That’s a Ritual Zero Proof slogan if you’ve ever been lucky enough to have a mocktail made with their Tequila Alternative you know just how sweet and rich that agave flavor is while still packing enough bite that you enjoy chasing it with a lime. The only difference from the real thing is 3 or 4 and you don’t end up on the floor.

With drink options like that offering 1:1 alternatives to alcohol, our skilled bartenders can easily take almost any cocktail and make it a mocktail. Best of all, those types of alternatives give us the ability to make batch mocktails to ensure lines keep moving and everyone gets a taste in a timely fashion no matter how large your event is. Elevate your event with a selection of enticing non-alcoholic options that will leave your guests raving about the flavors rather than lamenting about the lack of liquor.


New Year, New You, New Attitude Toward Mocktails

"Reserving judgments is a matter of infinite hope."

In 2024 we fully expect sensible socializing to get even more popular. So don’t be afraid to add it to your New Year’s resolution to get on board with the trend. It’s a choice that aligns with modern sensibilities, promoting a healthier and more inclusive approach to social events.

On the other hand, we know there are those traditionalists out there who won’t reserve judgment for the mighty mocktails, they’ll insist a party isn’t a party without the booze. We just hope everyone can at least now be better informed of the alternatives to offer in place of or alongside traditional beer, wine and liquor options.

After all, we’ll always cater to our clients’ appetites for aperitifs and non-alcoholic alternatives alike. Whether your Charleston area event calls for a fully stocked open bar with all the top-shelf options, mocktails made to mimic the real thing or even just Shirly Temples and Smurfs for a younger crowd, Squeeze Cocktails can help you say cheers to a responsible, cost-effective, and trend-setting drink menu for your next event.

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