Chris Timby

Owner & Operations Director

Chris contributes over 6 years of restaurant and 16 years of sales and marketing experience. Prior to his successful sales career, Chris helped open various restaurants such as Ristorante Luciano’s in Stone Harbor, New Jersey. Finding his own culinary passion, he remained a chef at Luciano’s for 6 years.

Chris oversees all of Squeeze Onsite’s financial accounting, operations, and staff management.  His wife, Meghan Timby, is the Head Chef at Rosemary & Rye Catering, so Chris’ ability to make a stunning Old Fashioned is an added plus!


Owner & Media Manager

A Charleston resident for 20 years, Meghan, the Head Chef of Rosemary & Rye Catering, began her culinary career as a personal chef for downtown residents. In 2010, she attended The Institute of Culinary Education in New York City, spending the next three years cooking in restaurants and TV production houses.

Returning to Charleston, Meghan cooked and managed events for Charleston’s largest catering company. Seeking to better express her scratch-made cooking philosophy, she transitioned to Rosemary & Rye, where she has led the kitchen for 4 years.

Meghan shares two young children, with her husband Chris, our Operations Manager. Her experience as an event planner, client coordinator and non-profit board member provides an all-encompassing approach to effective event execution.

will moscowitch

Owner & Creative Director

After spending nearly a decade in commercial real estate working with retailers and food and beverage professionals in both Philadelphia and Charleston, Will joined Squeeze Onsite as Owner & Creative Director.

Will first developed a love of cocktails working at Ranstead Room in Philadelphia training under the legendary Sasha Petraski and brings years of bar program experience from NYC, Philadelphia, and Charleston.  Will oversees sales, creative, training, and client experience at Squeeze Onsite.

johanna moskovich

Sales & Marketing Manager

With experience in the event industry that spans from Richmond to Honolulu, Johanna moved to Charleston in March of 2020 to cultivate her career in Event Design and Planning. While COVID-19 impeded her plans to grow that career, it created a unique opportunity for her in the scene at the Vendue Hotel where she was able to provide a memorable hospitality, food, and beverage experience for guests and customers.

At Squeeze Onsite, Johanna is able to merge her knowledge of design & marketing with the art of cocktail and beverage catering to design fun and immersive experiences for all guests, no matter their preferred choice of drink.

Open Hours

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